Protect our rights! How to resist Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee

Donald Trump just nominated conservative Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is the last line of defense for safe and legal abortion in this country. With reproductive rights under assault like never before, we must send a message to every single senator who will vote on his confirmation.

The Supreme Court will be the last line of defense when the president acts recklessly to target immigrants, refugees, Muslims, and people of color. They will have the duty of safeguarding the civil rights, equality, and dignity for all. They will uphold Roe v. Wade, protecting the right of every woman to decide when and whether to bear children — or they will be responsible for dismantling our most fundamental rights.

Donald Trump’s nominee, Neil Gorsuch, has an alarming history of interfering with reproductive rights and health. He ruled that bosses should be able to deny women access to birth control coverage.

Before Judge Gorsuch is allowed anywhere near the Supreme Court bench, he must commit to upholding Roe v. Wade and defending access to safe and legal abortion. Do not let them turn the Supreme Court into another means of stripping away our fundamental rights.

The Supreme Court will play a crucial role in ensuring the Trump administration doesn’t trample over our human and civil rights. Whoever Trump nominates will be positioned to shape U.S. policy for decades. It’s important that we all hold the line and not allow Trump to dictate U.S. policy long after his administration has gone.

Please email or write a personalized letter to urge your senator(s) to oppose and filibuster this disastrous Supreme Court nominee.

Suggested mail text: 

Dear Senator _________

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch is an outspoken proponent of limiting federal agencies authority to take regulatory action of any kind.

Neil Gorsuch sided with religious employers seeking to limit their employees’ rights to birth control coverage.

Before Judge Gorsuch is considered for appointment to the Supreme Court bench, he must commit to upholding Roe v. Wade and defending access to safe and legal abortion.

Please oppose appointing a right-wing extremist to the Supreme Court.


[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[City, State ZIP]

To contact your senator:



Take Action: Trump must not be allowed to ban immigrants and refugees based on nationality and religion.

Tell President Trump: We cannot slam the door on innocent people in their hour of need.

President Trump just signed an Executive Order that eviscerates our refugee resettlement program, leaving thousands of vulnerable people in limbo, blatantly discriminating against Muslims, and slamming the door on Syrian refugees entirely.

It is un-American to turn away those seeking safety and to discriminate against groups of people because of nationality and religion.

Dozens of actual Green Card holders have been deceitfully forced to give up their Green Cards by Homeland Security Officers, visas have been ignored and their holders shamefully returned to countries where they have no future.

Please send President Trump an email:

Feel free to use this as a template, or add to it to personalize it.


We cannot slam the door on refugees

Dear President Trump,
As a voter, I’m urging you to rescind your Executive Order to slash refugee resettlement and ban immigrants and refugees based on nationality and religion.
Instead of affirming the values of the United States by granting safety and protection to refugees, you have broken with more than 40 years of bipartisan American policy – and over 200 years of American tradition – by slamming the door on innocent people in their hour of need.

Slashing the refugee ceiling and banning refugees on the basis of their religion is not only discriminatory, but also unlikely to make Americans safer. You must not bring this successful, bipartisan, and rigorously-screened program to a screeching halt. Even a temporary suspension of the resettlement program will reset the clock for refugees waiting to be granted entry to the US as medical and security expire, forcing refugees to start again from scratch.

The US has safely welcomed over 15,000 Syrians to our country. After enduring unspeakable violence in their homeland and years of waiting in refugee camps as they went through the multiple layers of our security screening  process, they are finally beginning to rebuild their lives here in the US. Thousands more who are currently in the midst of the vetting process still need our support. They are being threatened by ISIS and other terrorist groups.

The US has safely resettled tens of thousands of Muslim refugees over the last four decades who have not only become US citizens, but who have also enriched our country economically, socially, and culturally. Denying entry to our country and safe haven from harm to people based on religion and country makes us less, not more, safe by demonstrating that we as Americans are willing to throw out our core values.
As a country enriched by all of those who have arrived on our shores since our founding, we have offered safety to hundreds of thousands of people in need from around the world.
 Refugees are actually revitalizing the communities in which they are living, contributing their experience and energy to our workforce, and creating new jobs and economic opportunity.
Please do not deny these needy people entry!
[Your Name]

Go to and send an email or write a letter to:


President Donald Trump

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Let your voice be heard!!

Call your Senator about Betsy DeVos

The vote to confirm Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education was delayed due to outpouring of resistance. The hearing will now be held at 10 AM on Tues., Jan. 31st to give Republicans more time to gather votes. It’s time for us to act now! Please call AT LEAST one of the key Republican Senators below to express your opposition to this disastrous appointment. We must convince no fewer than 3 of these senators to block DeVos’ nomination. Don’t email. Don’t tweet. Please call them! Also, PLEASE SHARE WIDELY (cut and paste):
(If you live in one of the states represented below, PLEASE call YOUR Senator.)

Susan Collins (ME) 207.622.8414..&..202.224.2523
Lamar Alexander (TN) 615.736.5129..&..202.224.4944
Lisa Murkowski (AK) 907.586.7277..&..202.224.6665
Johnny Isakson (GA) 770.661.0999..&..202.224.3643
Orrin Hatch (UT) 801.524.4380..&..202.224.5251
Richard Burr (NC) 336.631.5125..&..202.224.3154..&.. 910.251.1058..&..828.350.2437
Michael Enzi (WY) 202.224.3424
Dr. Bill Cassidy (LA) 202.224.5824
Pat Roberts (KS) 202.224.4774
Tim Scott (SC) 202.224.6121
Rand Paul (KY) 202.224.4343