Call to protect the environment

The House has passed a dangerous bill that takes aim at crucial clean air protections. It will speed up climate change and add pollution to the air, endangering the public health. Now that bill is moving to the Senate, where we have a chance to stop it  permanently. Do not let them put the special interests of the oil and gas industry ahead of the environment!

The Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management finalized crucial limits on this pollution last year—but if the Senate approves this legislation, because it uses a rare legislative vehicle called the “Congressional Review Act,”this new bill not only kills this reform but bars the Bureau of Land Management from adopting a similar rule in the future.

When the House voted, 11 Republicans crossed the party lines to stand up for environmental protection, so we have a good chance of  defeating this bill in the Senate.

Please contact your senator today!

Suggested script:

Dear __________,

My name is xxxx and I am calling to let the Senator know that I would like him/her to oppose the new environmental bill that just passed the house. If passed, this legislation will roll back measures to prevent the waste of natural gas and reduce unnecessary pollution from oil and gas operations.

Thank you

Your Senator’s name and number here




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